Monday, September 25, 2023

4156 : Final Piece

Watch them from afar. She walks out of the hospital. A slow trduge. She is young, possibly 30, nomore. The bald shining head signifies something akin to a chemo romance. She looks beautiful as only she could.

A blue car (Baleno) waiting on her. She gingerly opens the door. At this point, the simpler thing would have been to just climb in. Instead, she stands there, awed. She smiles beatifically. Akin to as if she has seen her new born baby for the first time. The pursed lips, the smile trapped in a cage too small to hide it.

He beams radiantly at her. He is possibly 30 too. The simpler thing for him, would be to climb out and help her in. That would be what a concerned lover/friend would do.

He instead holds out his hand. From where he is seated, that is from the drivers seat. She slowly locks her palm in. (I wish they would play Brahms Lullaby here!!) He kisses the top of her palm, as she bends to look at him. A good 5 seconds maybe. Then she smiles demurely, as if she were on her first date, and settles into the car. Both can't stop beaming.

The car ambles along. 

When her palm locked into his, I could not help but smile, too. I imagined in that moment, this to be the last piece of his jigsaw. Now in place. And elation of the coitus !!. Ah...we saved the world today.

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