Saturday, July 29, 2023

4143 : Reading List 2023 : #26 My seditious heart by Arundhati Roy

Adore Miss Roy and her writing. This book is such a disturbing read. Contains some of her older books in.

Read and become wary. A masterclass in writing.

at 984 pages brings my 2023 total to 7154 pages.

4142 : Reading List 2023 : #25 The case of exploding mangoes by Mohd Hanif

Such a joyful book on Pakistan. Makes one realise that we are all so fucked.

Also ridiculously tongue in cheek. Laugh aloud.

At 247 pages brings my 2023 total to 6170 pages.

4141 : Reading List 2023 : #24 When we cease to understand the world by Benjamin Labatut

Fuck Oppenhiemer. 

Read this instead. Easily the best read of 2023 for me.

You will probably read this again and then again and then again.

At 193 pages brings my 2023 to 5933 pages.

4140 : Reading List 2023 : #23 The Collini Case by Ferdinand Schirach Von

A small interesting read, supposedly on some real origins. 


At 209 pages brings my 2023 total to 5738.

4139 : Reading list 2023 : #22 Victory City by Salman Rushdie

Would I miss a Salman Rushdie book?

Laughed and happily read this crazy book.

At 359 pages brings my 2023 total to 5529 pages.

4138 : Reading list 2023 : #21 : Sorrow and Bliss by Meg Mason

Such a fabolous read. Such lovely writing too.

Read it when you are struggling in life. 

At 347 pages brings my 2023 total to 5170 pages.

4137 : Reading List 2023 : #20 Anxious people by Fredrick Backman

Its a book that sucks you in. Its plot is weak, but it makes up with humor and humaneness.

Will definitely read this book again. Just for the calming effect it had on me.

At 400 pages brings my 2023 total to 4823 pages.

4136 : Reading list 2023 : #19 Jog On by Bella Mackie

Such a searing and beautiful read. I am in love with Bella.

Read this and realise that we are all human, all of us are frail.

At 289 pages brings my 2023 total to 4423 pages.

4135 : Reading List 2023 : #18 How to kill your family by Bella Mackie

I loved and laughed so much in this book. British humor coupled with a writer who brings her inner demons to the fore. This is totally brilliant and one of the best reads of this year for me.

At 312 pages brings my 2023 total to 4134 pages.

4134 : Reading List 2023 #17 : A line made by walking by Sara Baume

My 4th reading of this book. Need I say more?

Go for it.

At 312 pages brings my 2023 total to 3822 pages.

4133 : Reading List #16 Silence by Erling Kagge

My second read of this book. Always grounds me back again.

One of the keeps.

At 130 pages brings my 2023 reading total to 3510 pages

4132 : Reading List 2023 : #15 Free Will by Sam Harris

Sam Harris influences my thinking deeply. Enough said. My second read of this brilliant book. 

At 96 pages brings my 2023 total to 3380 pages.

4131 : Reading list 2023 : #14 My Dark Vanessa by Kate Elizabeth Russel

TW : Read this book with deep trepidation. It bothered me immensely and yet I found myself in it.

Made me think so much, I shut the book often and thought for hours on this.

This book made me obssess and mediate on some aspects of me. 


At 384 pages brings my 2023 reading total to 3284 pages.

4130 : Reading List 2023 : #13 Tomorrow in the battle think of me by Javier Marias

I took over 3 months to finish this book and yet loved every single line in the book. Read it to find aspects of yourself hidden in this book.

I wish I was in love with or friends with Javier and Annie (Ernaux).

At 320 pages this meditative book brings my 2023 total to 2900 pages.

4129 : Reading List 2023 : #12 In free fall by Mallika Sarabhai

This book is truly in free fall.

A totally shitty book, total waste of time. Self indulgent and made one of my heroes (she was one for me) fall like a whimper.


At 224 pages brings my 2023 total to 2580 pages.

4128 : Reading List 2023 : #11 Art Matters by Neil Gaiman

Neil Gaiman is an unusual horror writer, if that is indeed his genre. Its quirky and makes you think. This book is a non-fiction though and makes you contemplate life. Re-examine life from a perspective of love and art.

Make your kids read it.

At 112 pages brings my 2023 total to 2356 pages.

4127 : Reading List 2023 : #10 Blue nights by Joan Didion

Such a moving meditation on loss. A book like this teaches you to be aware of your own fraility and confront it.

Read it.

At 208 pages bring my 2023 total to 2244 pages.

4126 : Reading List #9 The year of magical thinking by Joan Didion

My second reading of this book and it moved me even more.

Grief has to invents its own langugage. I am totally in love with Joan Didion.

At 240 pages brings my 2023 total to 2036 pages.

4125 : Reading List 2023 : #8 Smarter not harder by Dave Asprey

A fun book. Slightly biased. I have been struggling with my health (both physical and mental) and this book helped me immensely.

This book is very far right :-) in terms of food. But still read it.

At 320 pages brings my 2023 total to 1796 pages.

4124 : Reading List 2023 : #7 Ultraprocessed People by Chris Tulleken

A totally brilliant read. Changed the way I see my everyday food.

Read this and change your relationship with food. Reminds of the Michael Pollan book - In Defence of Plants.

At 335 pages brings my 2023 total to 1476 pages.

4123 : Reading List 2023 : #6 : The Whale by Samuel Hunter

This is one of the rare books, that I read post watching this movie. I rarely watch movies and this movie was on my watch list for long.

This book was like poetry. Especially having watched it first.

Definitely a read.

At 90 pages its a treasure. Brings my 2023 total to 1141 pages.

4122 : Reading List 2023 : #5 Simple Passions by Annie Ernaux

This has to be one of my most stunning reads in recent years. Plain, simple and searing. Ironically, I was writing something similar (told in a woman's voice too).

Stunning, simple and makes you deeply meditate.

At 64 pages brings my 2023 reading total to 1051 pages.

In love with Miss Ernaux