Wednesday, January 25, 2023

4196 : Smoke on whiskey

(Excerpted from a piece of fiction)

Fuck it. Who starts a journal post with "fuck it"? Meee!!

That's how I feel about you today. You are this dirty little habit of mine, that I so wish I would break off. I smudged my lips with another dirty habit. Smoking. I smoked for a decade before I eventually tried to quit. 

You, asshole, feel like that elusive cigarette. Like a leechy smoke, when I do sometimes get you, eventually, I always pay a price. You stain my lips. My heart skips beats, when I have you. Every friend of mine says, that I should give up on you. As if you were the cancer on the smoke. When you are not around, I imagine having a high when I finally have you, but I almost always need more of you to get the previous high. You make my life stink, just like a ciggy used to stink my room.

You know, fucking Tail, most of all, you are the moist molded cigarette - rarely smoke, never fire!!

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