Saturday, January 14, 2023

4180 : Down in the coffee, lies the cake

Picture this.

I am with my mom at this Famous Bakery at Bandra. We are laughing, talking, smiling and imping around. There are just two seats in that small bakery and we have put our bags out there. 

A few moments later, a women walks upto us and requests us if she could please use the seats. I don't notice much, but acquiesce, since I don't really need the seats.

As minutes go by, I realise its not one but two women. One around 70s and the other possibly in her 50s. And they are talking to each other and the billing helper.

That's when it hits me, they both have downs. I never realised that you could survive this long with downs. They are smiling, ordering some cake and coffee. They are telling to no one in particular why this daily ritual matters to them. Guffawing awkwardly, as if this was squeamish.

I look at them. I want to snap them up. Not for anything else, but to remember that this is all life can ever be and should be.

Cakes, coffee, smiles and a thoo-thoo on the circumstances that try and pull us down.

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