Sunday, December 11, 2022

4124 : Brief moment in the sun

I have been reading something strange and yet beautiful. A lyrical meditation on what it means to be mortal (and hence alive).

Its fiction and yet it is not. I have been deeply enveloped into the process. 

I have a history here. A close brush with the other side (if that is a metaphorical poetic way to put it). I am always deeply aware of my transience. It comes out not only in my writing, but also in my everyday being.

As I have been walking, meditating, my belief reinforces itself.....we are truly like fireflies. Glowing for that brief moments before we go away.

No one cares what you were, what you did....especially outside that momentary context.

I was thinking I have so much unfinished chats and imaginary conversations. With you, You, yOU, yOu, yoU......the list is endless.

Come over. We need to talk. We need to laugh. We are just fireflies. Escaping our brief moments in the sun.

Deeply melancholic. I am going to be gone someday. 

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