Thursday, December 08, 2022

4112 : Now I know

 (Excerpted from another longer fictional piece, from within my repository) 

"Friends for life", I said. You, Tail, never ever agreed on that. Life for you was always transient. You shrugged with your cynical violence. We were sipping coffee in the middle of a strange alien city. You had ordered some black bullshit. I never understood how you drink that dark piss. In as many words, I always told you that.

I had stuck to a regular cappuccino.  In some time, during that chat, you abruptly left for the restroom. You were gone for a few minutes. I busied myself with the phone. 

You returned carrying a small tray and a cup of tea. I smiled and said "Tea after coffee?". You smiled and said, "Yes, why not?".

We both shared that single cup of tea. I abandoned my shitty coffee half way through. It was soon evening, time to go back to our nests. I held my arms around your back. Encircled. Like two young kids. As we walked, I laughed like a pig and said aloud, "The coffee was very bad."

You said "hmmm" and smiled. The typical evil, cynical smile that only you can emit.

I looked at you, knowing that sheepish mischief was at work,  and asked, "So what are you not telling me?"

You almost blushed and then said, "Nothing re.". I swear you blushed that day.

"Tell Tail. You know, I will hunt you to your death, till you don't tell me what is it that you are griping around with. Now."

".....and you thought tea after coffee was 'odd'?"

It took me a few seconds to see what he was saying. He had looked at my eyes when he had said the sentence, but now he was looking ahead. With a small wispy grin. "Seriously.....", I said, "You noticed?"

I could not believe it. You were unbelievably adorable. I could see in your eyes, you were being utterly honest. Fucking lord, you had actually noticed that my coffee was god-forsaken. 

I looked away and smiled. I did not know what to say. Immediately tightened my hold around your back. A warmer and closer clasp. In that single moment, I knew. 

I simply bloody knew.

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