Sunday, December 04, 2022

4101: Down and out

So I am at this fancy eating place. Everyone busy in their own little private tribulation at each table. Everyone's battles are their own graveyards. As I call it, the world of shiny happy place. I am slightly lost. I stare down at the door. Not sure what I am expecting. 

In walks in a devout couple. Symbols give them away. (I am in India, and I am Indian, so I know what I am saying!!)

The father walks in first, holds the door for someone. Thats when I notice a daughter, walking using a walker - she must be guess. She is Down's.

The mother is trying to help the daughter, and the father politely tells her in Tamil, "let her come along, she will manage."

Eventually the girl (Down's) walks in and they very slowly trudge to their table. The father is still smiling. The awkward smile of knowing that this is all there is to the world.

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