Friday, November 18, 2022

4085 : Distance

When you take silence (or be silent), you put some distance between the world and you. You can pause and take two steps back. Meditate in the true sense (like J Krishnamurti would ask us to, or the Greeks would!!).

I have been silent for the past few days. Have taken the steps back. I see the world a little more clearly. Not because of improved vision, just that I am spending more time looking at it.

The world is the same. Nothing has changed, nothing will change.

Reminded of the children's rhyme I learnt from one of Vikram Seth's book.

Raam Raam Shah
Alu ka rasa,
Mendaki ki chutney
Aa gaya mazaa.....

I have also been using the silence as a mechanism to connect to myself. In some sense, its my version of slowing down. 

Slowing down is distance. In distance lies perspective. Perspective allows you to frame. Framing allows you to shoot. A good shot is poetry. Poetry is life.

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