Saturday, October 22, 2022

4039 : Incapable

You care immensely for someone. So much so that his/her pain is yours. You want to take it all away. This does happen with our children, our lovers, our animals......

And then sometimes, a person in this set asks you to do something, which will make them happier. As in a lover might say, "Stay, don't leave me...." and yet you are compelled to walk out or disappear. 

How do these two reconcile.

Sometimes the pain of doing that one single thing, and the 2nd, 3rd degree fallouts - drive you away from trying.

This should explain why we sometimes walk away from our deepest loves. Why we sometimes decide to separate from our parents, our spouses or even our children.

We care so much, that sometimes we just want to preserve what is left. And the only way to preserve in a war is to walk away. Walking away, gives you time to put your knives away, so that at a later time, we can all come back to see the brighter sides of the other.

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