Saturday, October 22, 2022

4038 : Grief

Sometimes grief is not a direct atribute of soemthing or some event.

Let me explain - death of a loved one, is a direct grief. So is, loss of something precious or personal. 


At some other times. Grief is that deep sense of loss - associated with a collective or a vicarious pain. As an example, grief of growing old or intensely missing a friend from the past (who you can no longer approach), or the sorrow of having lost in a personal game you just wanted to win, or the ignominy of someone close to you losing in a battle......

My life simply has not taught me to deal well with grief. With loss. 

That sense of standing on the shore of an ocean, looking into it - and it reflecting back to you, that sense of what is no longer there. Of what you could have been. Or reminding you, that even today, you are choosing mediocrity over that simple switch of personal greatness.

Decrepitude is also realizing that life is nothing but the journey. There is no destination, none at all. There is no tomorrow. There is no future. There is the present, and sometimes the past too.

Simmer and saunter.

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