Friday, October 21, 2022

4034 : Why a poet?

Someone recently asked me, why I write poetry? What does it serve?

At my tempestuous best, I am itching to tell them the Bukowski answer "I write poetry to pay bills, and I am listed to get laid."....or something to that effect.

That is of course in my case the wrong answer, but sounds way better than my answer.

My real answer is possibly - I am lonely, and I struggle to have a real deep conversation with most people - unless I am drunk enough and its past midnight. So.....the next best thing is either journal or to write it out via poetry.

A lot of what I write is either my own experiences, or perceived experiences, or in some rare cases, vicarious stories. The idea in all stories/poems is to highlight the human plight, and the celebrate the human victory in choosing the right, or the choiceless choice.

I recently found/wrote one of my best poem. Now thats for another day :-)

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