Wednesday, October 19, 2022

4028 : On your going away

Walking along a street. A memory hits you. Of someone. And its a very powerful memory. You look around for a few seconds. Now what triggered that. Is there a name or a color around that could cause that?

Nada. You are now confused.

Take a deep breath. Hints of colonge or aroma of a particular perfume, enter your nose. Aaah....thats the trojan horse that did it. That smell is so unmistakably like someone.

When people leave, they dont leave. Let me explain. They might be gone from the physical time frame. They might also be gone forever. 

And yet, they leave behind smells. You can smell them in their favorite food. 

They leave behind words. You remember their favorite words and sentences. And next time an innocous idiot uses the same words, it hits you. Hard. Like a suckerpunch. 

They leave behind ideas. Once you know that he/she (the one who is gone) does not like creamy pasta....even if you liked it yourself....the next time you see it or are served it.....the mind flinches a bit. 

They leave behind so many trails. Its like walking in a minefield. The more intense the person, the more sprayed are the mines. It can almost lead to a mental anxiety. What I am going to find of her, if I walk down this street or this room in the house?

Also, no one ever counts the bodies. We eventually remember that we used to function well without them, and now we struggle a bit to operate. 

Their legacy - what they truly leave with us with(or leave behind) us being empty shadows of ourselves.  

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