Sunday, October 16, 2022

4022 : Tangled up in blues

You only lose if you love...or something to that effect as Mary Oliver would it.

The challenge of love (not just romantic love), it could also be you being totally addicted to your work (like parts of me definitely are) that the edges blur. Work (as an example) slowly seeps into all aspects of everyday. 

As an example of edges blurring.....some of my better everyday friends are at work. I might still not have a long history with them, but yes I do immensely care for them, and enjoy their company.

Now here is where the wicker meets the dynamite. Sometimes as the edge blurs, we blur too. Once you see no difference between work and personal - you treat work as personal. Which means, you fight to win with the same passion as you fight for the other to win. While that sounds good - it also means (on the flip side) that this is potentially a dangerous game.

As you lose at work, you will also lose big in personal life, almost in the same moment. How do I know?

Well...lets say, the best way to savor a macaroon is to eat it.

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