Thursday, October 13, 2022

4017 : Green me up 1

Human beings evolved most of their chemical responses (in fact all of their responses) as an addendum to their bias to survive. So our feedback loops are very good ways of learning what will make us survive.

So salt, fat and sugar - in moderation will make us more resilient. The dopamine loop says so.

Silence and mental peace gives you cycles for deep learning. The serotonin loop tells you that.

Emotional connect with another human being helps you deal with the world. The serotonin tells you that. 

Get the drift? In the same vein.

Joy in any form or shape, helps you deal with your world better.

Poisons (coffee, wine, tea, whiskey, smoke....) all help numb the negative chemical of everyday. 

So...point being.....

Why do we resist a lot of what is good for us? Agreed, in some moderation. But we almost detest some of the above, right?

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