Tuesday, September 06, 2022

3994 : Speaking to the wounds of yesterday in the tongue(s) of tomo's prisoners

Life is strange in the sense that it throws curveballs when you least expect it. 

It was a strange but very heartwarming chat with someone I hardly knew till about 10 days ago. We spoke about our deepest fears and deepest shames and yet.......we laughed like two condemned prisoners. Two criminals, caught in the act,  who have now a shared history sheet. 

I use prisoners in the literal sense too, in some cases we have been judged, and in others, the reckoning is coming our way.

We both then went out hunting for a smoke at 2am in the morning, in a city that pretty much sleeps by 9pm. We returned to finish a large pit of the peated brown fire. 

If this is how war feels like, I might just about survive it.

As you grow older, this is what falling in love might look like. (I am straight though :-) ) Two crazies confessing to their skirmishes. Safety in being equally scarred....and reaching a similar conclusion.....who gives a flying fuck?

If you hear of a prison break, you know where we hatched it.

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