Saturday, October 16, 2021

3826 : Colors of this life

She sat across
Dressed in what was pink 
And yellow,

She spoke of an era
And of the bread today,
We debated about actors
Who are no longer around,
And yet, still very much around
Almost always around

Our own lives might be ephemeral
And yet she said "make the most of this gift"

Shooting conversations 
Into an empty room,
Into an infinite universe
Accompanied by everyday noisy vehicle sounds,

We smiled, we paused
And contrasted our lives

The still moments reminded me
In 50 years, neither of us will be around
Most likely,
No one will remember us too
Not in their every day, at least

And yet one fine Friday,
We laughed, and we definitely lived
Pink, Yellow, Purple
Life exists in all these colors

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