Sunday, July 25, 2021

3512 : Jaane Kya Baat hain (Betaab)

For those who think it's fashionable to diss Lata Didi, I would say listen to "Jaane Kya Baat Hain" from Betaab.


I hate high-pitched female voices, and yet, in this song, I think Lata Didi crushes it.

Of course RD Burman is a genius. The lyrics are more in harmony than sense, and yet you love this song so completely. 

Listen to the strange percussion working like a metronome in the background. It sets the tone. Expect the high and love the lows of the voice. Its essentially a percussion only song, with interludes of string whenever the singer is not singing.

This composition should be a case study in why some of RD's work is timeless and always will be.

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