Sunday, July 18, 2021

3498 : The lost conversations

He still remembers talking to her (many decades ago), a specific chat with her, as if it was yesterday. The conversation focussed on what he had possibly wanted from life. He did not have the courage then to tell her then, that while he wanted a lot of things from his life, he also wanted her to star in it. He distinctly remembers that he had been very tempted him to spill the beans, in a small town boyish sort of way. To blurt it out, and be ready to be slapped or laughed at (the fear is usually for the worse, for no one ever imagines a cheerful response to these life altering chats).

He never told her any of that. And every single day post that, it has been one additional day too late to have that conversation.

He is a physicist, and imagines that in a parallel world - a version of him, told a version of her....and today their individual stories are having some overlap, whether happier or sadder is just a question of perspective.

A world without her as a star was totally bereft of hope on moonless nights.

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