Wednesday, July 14, 2021

3492 : The ill formed dream

Somewhere in 2005, I was in Hyderabad. During one of my trips to Taj Banjara, I met a young, fashionably dressed, very smart-looking lady. "Met" makes it sound like we had a fling, which is patently absurd. 

I remember noticing her sitting on a backless chair near the elevator bay. She was with someone and he inadvertently threw something that hurled towards me. I was busy looking elsewhere, so it kind of hurt me, not really, but in a docile sort of way.

The lady walked up to me and apologized. I laughed it off and joked about flying projectiles, and how incongruous it was in this city (Hyd). "Almost as if aliens had come down to a wrong landing point". 

She laughed too, and asked me "Are you into physics?", and I said, "Hell no, I am from the IT gang", which in Hyd would be a joke in any time and era.

She said, "You sound like a physicist though."

That was the end of our interaction. A few moments later as I ambled into the lift, I bumped into her, on one of the higher floors. She was probably in her 20s, there for a wedding, way richer than me, and way cooler than me. She wore a chiffon, black saree with a red simple plain blouse. But all very rich looking (I do have a deep interest in fabrics, and some basic fashion sense - though never when applied to myself).

I still remember this interaction for many reasons. Prime among them is, I always wanted to be a physicist, and someone had seen through into my dream. That has never happened ever again.

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