Sunday, July 11, 2021

3487 : AK 47

My daughter loves to sketch. Our entire house is full of disheveled sketches. And the main room of our house is like an artist's atelier. Papers, pencils, colors - all over. There is nothing to complain or worry about here.

And then, I found a sketch of an AK 47. It was drawn 2 days ago. 

How do I tell her that drawing a gun is also possibly weaponizing? To us it is a simple weapon. One that we mimic in TPS games. 

To someone in the world, somewhere though - this simple tool is stripping them of their life and their dignity. This tool acerbates the divide of haves and the have nots. Like all power does.

Should I tell her? Or should I let her be? Till the day she eventually finds the rounds in her pocket.

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