Sunday, June 27, 2021

3455 : Answers

 As the tsunami hit us, the world was being blown away. We figured that if we could keep ourselves anchored, then we could somehow avoid the storm.

So we set about tying things down. Making sure the heavy things became anchors and the lighter stuff was weighed down by the so called immovables.

It broadly worked. We lost little, both of ourselves and our stuff. Through the day we told ourselves, that if something worse did happen, we still had ourselves and our memories.

Evening was upon us. The rain cleared us, but a strong wind remained. We never got to know how, but a tinder sparked somewhere in the home. And soon a full raging fire caught us completely unaware.

The wind, which we had fought so hard in the morning, found a new ally. As we tried to save ourselves and "our things", the "anchors" turned to be our undoing. They formed the resistance, that we had no answer to.

The pyre had been light, all we could do, was watch as it consumed and consigned. In a few hours, all was gone.

As Dylan said, it was all blowing in the wind. Years later, I often still wonder - what exactly were the answers, that I missed?

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