Saturday, June 26, 2021

3453 : The creative process

Listening to Vidya Vox's Fly Away - at 3:22, the other signer (Mattibani), does something totally unexpected - she sings in Gujrati "I am sometimes spicy (not hot....but the chilli hot)"....and then she does the sound- which each of us does when we encounter a chilli in our food. And the music pauses - to let us all savor the absolute genius gesture.

Great music is that which breaks the structure (I am a Jazz fan and a Hindustani fan), not the one that sticks to structure (Carnatic as an example).

I am not expert, but am more and more convinced that breaking a rule is so much more delightful....especially when you least expect it.

Also - how fun must have been the creative process been between Vidya and the other singer - would have loved to be in the room, as they came up with that almost mic drop gesture :-)

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