Friday, June 25, 2021

3449 : When rubber hits the road

I find my morning coffee or tea immensely meditative. I usually hate sitting with others and having it. That's me :-), yes.

There is something magical about having a good cup of coffee and tea, and realizing how many people have conspired to make it happen. Especially excellent coffee. (My general sense is coffee is far too much complex as compared to tea, but that could be my bias.....also possibly because coffee for me is usually black, while tea is milk, spices and I never get to taste tea for what it is....or rarely do).

Coming back, about 20 hands have blessed a good cup of coffee at least - including your employer who pays you a salary to afford this.

Coffee also makes me look inward. It's my choice of poison - like whiskey or wine.

And poison tips our arrows. Those of time.

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