Tuesday, June 22, 2021

3444 : Two sides of a story

She thinks he needs to pay alimony. A few million rupees per year. She also thinks, he should be an active father to their son.

He believes he had already paid an enormous price for over 5 years in the divorce's process. The additional alimony seems unfair. "Does she not have a job? Why does she need me to pay her an upkeep?". Is being away from the son, not a punishment itself?

She knows he got away easily. She could have asked for the house too. All she has asked for some monies for the kid and his education.

He feels he is paying blood money, to buy his rightful freedom. He hates the bindings. He detests her. 

She is looking forward to a life of slowly building and repairing her wings. She does not want him around, but will tolerate him for the son.

He is already building a Tinder profile. He does not like her; she brings the worst out in him, he will stay away from the son, to be away from her.

She hopes to fly again. He wishes for freedom.

Is it a wonder they split?

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