Sunday, June 20, 2021

3432 : What is immortality ?

 What is poetry to me? Poetry is a delightful play of words. We could call it prose, if that suits us.

Is it nothing more than a play of words? It also conveys an idea, in a neat insightful manner. A la koan.

Is it just an insight and the games it plays in your mind? No, its also about the beauty that is built into the narrative. The beauty from an intense experience - be it love, pain, anger or even disgust.

So its about strong emotions? Not just that. A poetry by its very nature is reacting to the world, either the world around us, or our very own internal world. So this magic is also also about how we interact and absorb the world around.

As we immerse the world in, we truly - each in our own way, try and live better. With more empathy. From our own contexts.

Everyday, it makes me realize that there is so much beauty and experience in the world around us. Poetry makes me want to be immortal. 

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