Friday, June 18, 2021

3430 : Astell and Kern PE51

I indulged.

Bought the Astell and Kern PEE51. Its essentially a digital amplifier packed into a USB. But its not simply an amplifier, does a little more to process all elements of digital music.

I have not heard hifi music yet, but even spotify is performing like Tendulkar :-)

Easily one of the best monies I have wasted :-). The soundstage transformation is beyond impressive. Just blows the music out into the room.

Get one if you can afford it. Will make your phone sound like a stage.

My sample song was 

My earphone was/is Marshal 4090940 - I like the slightly tinny sound it produces. is where I bought it from.

The song which is playing now.....(don't judge me)....also rocks the device out.

Finally closing with Dave Brubeck quartet's Take Five. The jazzy notes as groovy as they can.

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