Thursday, June 17, 2021

3428 : Cancel me

I know (or fear) that one day I shall be cancelled. My past is far too contentious for a normal politically safe white space.

I have lived on the edge, and though I am not proud of it - neither am I very apologetic for it.

As an example - I was a truant child. Have I asked my parents to forgive me? A million times. I am a difficult person to be married to? Have I genuine penitence for my spouse? Of course. I have had my biases regarding class, caste and privilege. Do I feel ashamed for it? Undoubtedly.

Will one day, some woke person discover this  - and cancel me from our society?

Possible. I have seen this twice (not just once) in my life. And every time recouping from "cancel" is very hard - both on the soul and the body.

On days when I feel low or insecure about this - I tell myself - that the candle is burning from both sides. May the one who wants to win, burn faster.

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