Wednesday, June 16, 2021

3425 : The higher men

I live in a large apartment complex of around 4000 families. We share a common public road, which is home to about 50 stray dogs. 

Today, I saw one stray possibly injured - it happened before I reached there - by a bike. The bike delivery folks do drive quite fast and we have far too many blind turns in the complex. So its possibly one of them hit this dog.

There are about 50 of us walking in the complex (at any given point in time). So at least 50 of us (from the complex) and another 50-100 vehicles must have passed this bleeding dog. We/us are constantly isolating from the world - wearing our earphones et al....and in this case, we remained so....including me.

I saw two security guards hunched over this dog, applying some cream from a first aid kit and closing its wounds with a rag.

Those are the higher men amongst us.

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