Tuesday, June 15, 2021

3424 : Mother me

I have long missed you ruffling my hair. Let me rephrase that, I don't remember how that feels like. Did you ever do that?

When I was three, I fell into a well. They thought I had fell into it. I was searching for you. Last year, my chariot crashed into a tree. They thought I was being blinded by the sun. My secret, I was looking for you. A few days ago, I walked up to a stranger and sought her blessings. She looked like you.

Ma, I have searched for you in my friends, in my sisters. On unusual days, I have searched for you in the enemy camp.

My final sunset is near. I need to tell you this - if just a few occasions in my lifetime, had I known, that you were around - watching over, today I would not be so desolate.

I have had my father's amulet constantly blessing me. Ma, with you all I have had is a name. One day, I hope you realise what missing feels like. It's akin to being at home, but always being mistaken for a stranger. 

Enough said. Goodbye, I need to blow the conch. Its end of days.

- Karna

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