Friday, May 28, 2021

3369 : Roaches

I came from quite a poor background. We had privileges like access to education, food, and a home. We were still though broadly very poor. My childhood home overlooked a nullah (or a gutter).

And due to this, our home was always infested with all kinds of insects. All the time.

We had a toilet in the house (so privilege again!!).....but it was overflowing with large roaches (cockroaches).

I used to be terrified (well into my teens) of going to the restroom at night. 

It's both a funny and a weird story. Till today, I am scared of roaches. I don't mind lizards, snails, snakes, ants, spiders, butterflies....but I detest roaches. The mere presence of one in the room - makes me slightly nervous.

Versus I can live with 20 lizards in my room. I can sleep with the lights off.

That's the post.

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