Monday, May 24, 2021

3356 : What makes us happy

There is very little that will make us happy. That's genuinely my learning - after years of internalizing Buddhism. And the next car or the next cool phone definitely won't make me happier.

Its taken me years to reach this point. I would say almost 10+ years of just meditating on this same point again and again. 

As I reach this point of realization, I also realize that "less is more" and sometimes just being ok with the world around me is ok. Being ok with losing your loved ones and their mortality is another huge internal acceptance.

Happiness to me has become more being ok with the world around me - a more simple profound acceptance of the world around me as flawed, conflicted, and just wayward. I genuinely don't believe something from the outside is going to make me any happier.

Where I have reached, my needs are less - though my expenses due to older loans and habits are still high. Slowly will unwind on that front too.

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