Saturday, May 22, 2021

3347 : You - 2

I have always felt alienated. Not sure why. Its taken me years to recognize that about myself. That sense of not belonging. This is different from feeling rejected or any similar expression. Infact, on that front, I have gotten immense love, care, and happiness from the world around me.

Think of "alienation" - as something that would happen to someone uprooted from his/her phages (roots). Think of someone who might have lost something.

Have I been uprooted? Have I had a heartbreaking loss?

Nothing in my life sounds like that at all. And yet, I have always related to writers who bring Kashmir, Palestine, partition, or immense melancholy into their work.

As I examine my own sense of anchorlessness......there is something that definitely does feel like home. You.

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