Thursday, May 20, 2021

3344 : Whats in a name ?

 My daughter is taking some basic interest in physics. She has now discovered a star called "UY Scuti" which is 1700 times the weight of the sun.

As a joke, I have started calling her "YC Kutty". It's a play on the star's name and the fact that we owe some roots to Kerala....that's where the kutty comes from.

As a child, my brother used to call me an immense amount of names - almost inventing one every other day. Almost as if he was a troll.

I loved it then - I never got irritated with him - and I terribly miss it now. Immensely miss it.

Chintya (the marathi influence).

I have forgotten a good deal of names. Tons of them. Maybe its my love of this weird behavior that makes me invent names for others. Like I call daughter all kinds of names "Abhishek" (who am I? :-)), chubby, Chub Singh (should be Kaur I know), and then "YC Kutty".

Tell me - what's in a name? Even nothing is a name - as long as you can feel it.

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