Friday, May 14, 2021

3332 : Scooter to nowhere

I have started walking regularly nowadays (more on that later).

I usually find a slot in the morning to walk. Okay, let's picture this.

I am in Mumbai. It's lockdown time. I live in a large apartment complex with over 4000 families (approx).....and yet the density on the internal roads is low. Not too many people walking or driving. We have a ring road (around 1.6kms) - and that's the road that I walk on.

Most of the time the company is stray dogs - and sometimes dog walkers.

So far, with me?

So most mornings, I see this person sitting on his Activa. This Activa is parked outside one of the buildings in the complex. I believe it must be his (or some connection) since he sits on the same Activa every day. This Activa is on the center stand. So it's stationary. This man is old - possibly in his late 40s or 50s. He is slightly portly (akin to a beer belly). He wears an old T-shirt with a collar and usually blue colored shorts. 

I walk for a good amount of time. And through this walk - he is sitting alone on his Activa. No phone, no one around him, no mask too..he is twiddling his thumbs. He looks at his own hands introspectively. At other times I see him sitting with his eyes closed. 

That's all. That's his routine. 

And in these modern times - this intrigues me immensely. He does not check his phone even once during this time. 

Is this meditation? Looks like.

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