Thursday, May 06, 2021

3299 : Leaky boat

My family is right-wing. They always have been. I am not ashamed or alarmed by it, they are entitled to their views and their ideology. They grew up in a time and era, where they possibly saw immense trauma from the "centrists" of today.

I was talking to my mom today. And she tells me - in these exact words - that we should banish or PMs and CMs, they have created a leaky boat. They will not be able to stop the flooding. I did not prompt her, neither did I coax her.

This was spontaneous. But....hold on...she also said....Modiji cannot be blamed for this, because the virus is not in our control. Its God's will.

I left the chat with mixed emotions  - I usually try and never influence my friends or family - unless they open the door and say "speak to me about your views" - which is almost rare to never.

The boat though according to her is long gone. Its no longer above water.

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