Wednesday, May 05, 2021

3296 : The nature of privilege

I often get into hair-splitting, where someone talks to me - and asks me - what exactly is a privilege.

My simple definition - privilege is usually what you don't see, or notice. As an example, if you don't care for politics, that is a privilege; you drive in a car, but never realize it's there, that's a privilege; you are educated but don't realize that education is a boon, that's a privilege......

The nature of privilege is to downplay it, and reinforce it.

For example - being vegetarian (exerting a choice) is a privilege. Exerting any sort of choice is usually a privilege, and being vegetarian is definitely one. Usually, the vegans who preach (like some special kind of a**holes on Twitter), are so blissfully unaware of the world around them - of the plight of their own people - that they will exhort a choice (not as just as a simple bar table debate, which I am kind of okay with), but rather with the gusto of "wrong" vs "right". My response (if I ever take that effort to respond) will be STFU.

Exerting a choice like that, and reinforcing it, is the very nature of privilege.

I am a vegetarian too (broadly except for eggs and fish oil....which means I a complete meat-eater :-)), but I recognize that other people don't have choices. They have food, which they have to eat. That's it, simple arithmetic. 

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