Wednesday, May 05, 2021

3295 : Me vs them

Today I was walking downstairs in my apartment complex. It was fairly hot and humid. Mumbai at about 38 degrees. Get the drift?

As I am walking, I see a bike (Swiggy) park at the main gate and walk up to my wing to deliver a package. He has not removed his helmet, and he is wearing a mask on the inside.

As I looked into those eyes, I realized that he probably has a 10 time harder job than mine, with probably  10x lower pay. So a 100x difference between our conditions.

I still spend a decent amount of monies on groceries, rent, cars, and the ilk. I realized that I have such a good life.

The swiggy driver, it's possible, is where he is, because of lack of opportunity and lack of privilege.

His t-shirt was fully sweat-drenched, and he soon walked back to the gate and drove off.

I would not last in his job for more than an hr....and yet he does what he does, day in, day out....optimistic that tomorrow is another good day.

Thats the post.

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