Thursday, April 22, 2021

3267 : The unseen

What tomo holds for us is always unseen, and yet we, in usual times, hope and believe that tomo will be a fabulous day. Even on the worst of our present day.

And probably for most of all. Its almost universal. Tomo holds more hope than today.

Even when we are suffering from cancer, the hope is we shall heal tomo. Even when we have an earthquake - tomo we shall rebuild.

The only times when tomo, does not make sense, is when you know you are in your last hours. When you know tomo might never exist.

Otherwise, even a person who is dying, and has days, instead of hours, hopes for many days, instead of just a few days. 

Today, though, this universal truth is being challenged in the present. How many of us want to face tomo? How many of us have to brace for tomo? How many of us want to see tomo, but also unsee it.

The unseen is here. It's amongst us.

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