Tuesday, April 20, 2021

3262 : The best of times, worst of times (from Dickens)

I have gotten a lot of folks telling me that if this pandemic is indeed overwhelming (and on a day like today it feels like hell's fire), then I must switch off and focus on what is important to me (work and family).

They are correct. Absolutely correct. 

Have thought about this. Like today in my little walk. Here's my gist - I am not going to shut my eyes or ears. I am going to go through this turmoil (though sheltered by my immense privilege), but I am going to experience this. I want to remember these times till I die.

I want to remember what I saw in the shallow bucket of the petty leadership around me - but I also want to remember the goose pimples when seeing something like Twitter, become a superhuman collective - a self-willed macrocosm that organized around this cesspool and still recreated hope, magic, and immense compassion.

Have seen some personal friends - withdraw into shells (even into their rooms and homes), and others become compassionate cheerleaders.....transformed into positive fiery superheroes. 

Have seen random strangers contribute to my own - like someone, today who contributed plasma to a friend's family.

In this infinite runtime, we are capable of greatness where some others might be focussed on their fked up self-centered lives.

I want to remember these times for what is possible, even in the worst of times.

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