Tuesday, April 20, 2021

3261 : Down

A lot of my near and dear ones at work (and otherwise) are totally swept under this virus business. Which means they are impacted. 

I genuinely have a cold bone in my body and don't mind this grim talk of mortality and apocalypse. (should be apparent from the blog too!!).

And yet today, as I spent hours talking to my colleagues and friends and family......I felt totally spent. That eerie and bad hunch in your stomach, that something is totally off. That the duststorm is just starting and we are in a naked desert.

I feel quite down today, and the more I reflected on this during my brief walk, I realized its my helplessness and the utter resignation to the fatalistic outcome that is bothering me. It's not the outcome itself, which "it too shall pass" and "we shall survive", I am sure of both.

Have never felt more helpless in recent years.

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