Sunday, April 11, 2021

3242 : The consequences of the wall....

I often reach out and try and share things with almost "strangers". Like I will notice you making a presentation and reach out to you - that if you possibly reduce orange color (as an example) - the deck and the message would be more clear.

I have no interest in knowing people. I do this because it's my way of pay forward. Also it's my way of ensuring that honesty prevails in my world.

Some of these interactions backfire (rightly so!!), some get converted to lifelong friendships....and some just float away.

Today one person basically told me (in more polite ways), STFU, and buzz off. She is correct in doing so, actually, it's none of my business to do an unsolicited reach out.

I am still unable to find my way with the world :-). At most times.

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