Saturday, April 10, 2021

3241 : Reading list : 2021: #2 Is it tomorrow yet? by Ivan Krastev

I don't speak much about politics (count that as the ills of fatalism), but I do read all kinds of books - especially those that meditate on power and motivation.

I just finished reading Ivan Krastev's "Is it tomorrow yet?"

It's a tiny small book (you can finish in about an hr), but it will teach you to think along political lines....especially in these grim times.

Rise of nationalism, rejection of science/data, information disavowal, disinformation disbursal, disruption of what is "local", what is it to be "political" trapped in your own room......

Fascinating. Worth a read. It might open up your thinking pathways. Did for me.

Brings my 2021 reading to 210 pages. 

(Haha I am reading a little more than this partly sum, I am struggling to finish expect a flurry of books coming up soon).

Images from GoodReads and Democracy Institute

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