Friday, April 02, 2021

3221 : Vaccine

For the record, I am for the vaccine. So this post is not anti or for.

Something does bother me. In my nation data is sparse. Information is even sparser. There are two options, and there is no intellectual way to choose between the two vaccines.

What is a little odd to me - is that almost the entire country, including the intelligentsia (let's call them STEM), is choosing the vaccines at random.

I really have no judgment on them. Really don't.

Infact I might myself get vaccinated in a couple of days. 

My dissonance in the process comes from the fact that  - our almost absolutely blind belief in science. What we are not recognizing is that media is a systematic mechanism to hijack our preferences and choices. 

This means - if all the outlets scream vaccine is great, our subconscious switches to that belief. We have to exercise a huge amount of self-awareness to question and investigate a different path of the decision tree. 

In some countries, like my nation, the knowledge might (will) not help, make any decisions - since in most cases the decision is already made for us. So should we hence not dig deeper?

This applies as much to India as to someone living in Finland or US.

I am wired to always know and understand. Am I hence weird too?

This post is more about how our thinking is completely hacked and hijacked into already.

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