Friday, April 02, 2021

3215 : I am plussed

When I see a perfectly sane affable urban person - speak with indignation against a caste or identity. Adding with a perfect tense, that "they deserve the rape and plunder"......

It really makes me recoil. Not because of just my values, or preference.....I also genuinely believe that violence propagates battles. 

One day (soon) we shall all be gone. We owe it to our children, that this world remains sane.

Nothing, nothing, will ever make me feel that arson, rape or murder is ok. And the ones who tell me, that would you say the same, "if your child was killed"......

I pause, I shudder.....I don't want to confront my child's death.....but here is what I will say. I WILL NOT propagate the cycle. I will fight in court to have corrective therapy for the murderer instead of jail. And if there is no corrective therapy (like possibly in India), then I will walk away. I don't want a court case or justice.

Justice means nothing in this dog-eat-dog world. It's a moral luxury that we claim to afford, but actually have no sense of balance around. 

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