Thursday, April 01, 2021

3213 : Othering

I live in a slightly upscale and secluded apartment complex in central Mumbai. It has a bunch of oddities including me. But this post is about something even odder I goes.

So most cars have chauffeurs in my building. Most cars are the mid-range Crysta kind of wagons. And most cars that have drivers have this strange plastic contraption on the inside.

In these COVID times, a sheet of plastic isolates the driver from the passengers (owners). This is in private cars and not in cabs. I don't know - I somehow find this very classist.

I know I am passing judgments on the sly. It's your chauffeur, someone who has been driving for you for years. Why would you separate him from yourself or your family? What is the message that is going out?

Is it because he in all probability comes from a ghetto or a slum?

If that is icky, why would you want a driver at all.

And who will tell these STEM graduates (I mean the owners), that when you share the AC, the air is circulating and the virus has a fun time moving around in the air, including passenger seats.

Best luck with Covid.

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