Thursday, April 01, 2021

3212 : Turncoat

I grew up in a rabid rightwing a pukka brahmin household. And I am no apologist for it.

I turned out ok. Today I would classify myself as a left-leaning liberal progressive. I switched steadily over years - till one day I was an atheist, then another day I was aware of my privilege, and the third I rejected "otherism", and by the fourth, I was pushing for egalitarian equalist values.

I know a few folks who were exactly this - and went the other way (the reverse direction) - they were liberals who are now totally engulfed in their right-wing conservative ideology.

What are the chances, I wonder, that my daughter one day might turncoat, and turn into a hardcore right-wing warrior? If that happens, something in my "today" tells me I will be disappointed. What I am challenging myself though (about this) -is, does that mean - my parents were left equally disappointed when I turned on their values. 

Should I be disappointed? Or should I instead celebrate that my daughter turned into an independent thinker?

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