Wednesday, March 31, 2021

3210 : Cancel

I was listening to Balaji and he brought out the point that the "cancel" culture is possibly a frivolous representation of what is the purge in China or Russia.

Made me think again on this topic.

I have canceled people (Pablo Neruda). I have been canceled (What!! Yes I have been!! I have arrived - though on the wrong boat!!).

I think "cancel" is an easy (less intellectually rigorous) response to a possible unwarranted social behavior. Let's say, I like to walk on the beach nude. (Just make it up folks!!). Should I be canceled for it? Possibly.

But before that - should not someone examine what makes me believe walking nude is a good idea? What possibly mental construct (or social understanding) is going wrong in my head? 

Also just because I walk nude on a beach, if I could somehow be reformed (I hope I can be), would you miss out on the fab python programming that I can bring to the table (which is possibly true :-))?

My point is - where is the nuance in this?

In my defense, I could not bring nuance to Pablo Neruda - since I don't know him and he is long dead. But if he was alive and I could somehow reach him - then my lesson is - he deserves a hear. He absolutely does (just as Harvey Weinstein did......which means every person is entitled to a proper defense, and of course, if the crime is agreed and established, then proper sentencing).

Cancel - is about short-circuiting this process of due diligence completely.

I am bloody going to get trolled for this :-)

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