Wednesday, March 31, 2021

3209 : Truths

I am controversial in the sense that I like to challenge my own biases, so I do think Trump was onto a few truths (in the million barrage of nonsense). I also think he (unfortunately) made these insights about himself. What worries me - most of us - including me, could not separate the person, the personality and the idea he was espousing. At least, I definitely did not.

What if Modiji is similar to Trump? What if he is addressing a collective hurt that upper-caste Hindus carry (similar to Trump addressing white souther Americans)?

What if Modiji is truly onto some truths? I am telling myself - I am possibly losing that message because I am possibly unable to separate the idea from the man.

I don't mean this post in sarcasm - I truly ask myself what if he is seeing something? How do I see what he sees - I might or might not reject that final understanding.

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