Tuesday, March 30, 2021

3204 : Organic life

Organic life is only so much about you as a collection of cells, of a meta feature called "consciousness" and then a bundle of thoughts, ideas and some contributions to the immediate world around you.

I have been immensely meditating on this for years, and the futility of this - and perverseness of a sudden end called "death". 

There could be many meanings to our life. Including as some say "winning at the game" (I am not a big proponent of it), or "kindness" (I like that idea), or leaving the world better than you found it (I like that immensely too), or leaving books or a blog (like this) so that you can still permeate (via a secondary image) for some more time - and hopefully in that extended time - you make a few more improvements in the world.

I am not sure at all. 

:-) That vague dangle is my post for today.

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