Tuesday, March 30, 2021

3203 : The biggest disadvantage I might have.....

I might have just bestowed on our young children (both my own as well to those who I am a Godfather to)......the biggest disadvantage.....that I did not move to the US when I could.

I never craved the money....and I love my city and possibly my country.

As I am growing older though, I am recognizing that food and culture matter - absolutely (and my reasons for loving my city) - but the real thing that matters is the subculture. 

The subculture of intellectual thought, of freedom, of respect, of understanding, and respect.

Or of the academic and the rigor associated with it.

That's (not moving when I could) is definitely a regret that I have. 

I don't have ambition for my children, but I want them to rise above the everyday banality. In my city, they could easily devolve into that.

A wing and a prayer :-).

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